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  • Hunter S. Thompson Rum Diary

    Paul Kemp has moved from New York to the steamy heat of Puerto Rico to work at the Daily News. He starts hanging out at Al's Backyard, a local den selling booze and hamburgers to vagrant journalists who are mostly crazy drunks on the verge of quitting. Then he meets Yeamon, whose delectable girlfriend has Kemp stewing in his own lust. But the idle tension that builds up in places where men sweat twenty-four hours a day is reaching a violent breaking point.


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  • John Kirwan Good small business planning guide

    In other words, they haven't done enough planning. Creating a business plan should be one of the first things you do when you think of starting up a company, and it's an important document to turn to time and again as your business develops - especially in these difficult financial times. Accessible and easy to read, the Good Small Business Planning Guide shows readers how to: Plan their business strategy Pitch their plan to raise funds Spot problems in advance and work out how to deal with them...


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  • Succeed as a new manager

    It's great to have a new challenge at work. Managing others, though, can be a daunting new responsibility and can be tricky if you're nowthe boss of former colleagues or friends. Packed with practical advice, it will help you sail through issues such as getting to know your team, dealing with internal politics, motivating others, and celebratingsuccess. Whatever your new job, Succeed As a New Manager will help youfind your feet and get great results along the way. This book alsoincludes a quiz, step-by-step...


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  • Lonely Planet Pocket Paris

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Pocket Paris is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Watch the sunset from the steps of Sacre Coeur; shop the flea markets and the Grands Boulevards; or start your day at the best patisseries, all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of the best of Paris and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Pocket Paris: Full-colour maps...


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  • Susanne Völler Amsterdam English edition

    ANWB Extra Amsterdam - Netherlands Discover Amsterdam with ANWB Extra Amsterdam! Our capital has the largest historical center of Europe. With more than 7,000 listed buildings from the 16th to the 20th century, more than 80 museums and 100 galleries, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a weekend break. ANWB Extra Guide Amsterdam offers several routes through the city and many practical tips on hotels and transportation. Also you will find 15 inspiring sights that you should not miss during...


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  • Balance your life and work

    If you feel overwhelmed by the constant juggling of different areasof your life, this book can help. There's so much pressure on manypeople today to succeed at work that sometimes 'real life' tends totake a backseat. Your relationships with friends, family, partner, andchildren can all suffer as you try to cram everything into a normal day. Balance Your Life and Work contains a quiz, step-by-stepguidance and action points, top tips to bear in mind for the future, common mistakes and advice on how...


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  • Chitrita Banerji Eating India

    In Eating India, the award-winning writer Chitrita Banerji takes us on a thrilling journey through a national food formed by generations of arrivals, assimilations and conquests. In mouth-watering prose, she explores how each wave of newcomers brought innovative new ways to combine the subcontinent's rich native spices, poppy seeds, saffron and mustard with the vegetables, fish, grains and pulses that are the staples of the Indian kitchen. Along the way, she visits traditional weddings, tiffin rooms,...


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  • Precious Williams Precious

    `Where are you from?' is a question I always find hard to answer. 1971: an ad in Nursery World. `Private foster parents required for a three-month-old baby' - me. The lucky applicants are a 57-year-old white woman and her daughter, who love babies, especially black babies. My mother arrives, a haughty Nigerian woman in a convertible with a moses basket on the seat beside her, setting the net curtains in this all-white council estate twitching. And though the whole place makes my privileged mother's...


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  • Frances Kay Smart skills

    Part of the Smart Skills series, Working with Others offers all you need to know to work successfully with colleagues and business associates, whether you are an employee, manager, freelancer or business owner. Many of the most successful business ideas and projects spring from collaboration between people, so making sure you work effectively with others can be the making or breaking of a business.


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  • Nic Dunlop The lost executioner

    police, Comrade Duch was responsible for the murder of more than 20, 000 of them. Twenty years later, not one member of the Khmer Rouge had been held accountable for what had happened, and Comrade Duch had disappeared. Photographer Nic Dunlop became obsessed with the idea of finding Duch, and shedding light on a secret and brutal world that had been sealed off to outsiders. Then, by chance, he came face to face with him... The Lost Executioner describes Dunlop's personal journey to the heart of the...


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