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  • Lonely Planet Hiking & Tramping in New Zealand

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Hiking Tramping in New Zealand is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Admire the dramatic peaks and valleys of Fiordland National Park, stroll past bays and beaches of the Abel Tasman Coast, or scale an active volcano on the North Island, all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of New Zealand's trails and begin your...


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  • Rodney Bolt Lorenzo da Ponte

    By the time he was forty, Lorenzo Da Ponte had been a poet, priest, lover and libertine, a friend of Casanova, collaborator then enemy of Salieri, and ultimately the librettist for three of Mozart's most sublime operas - The Marriage of Figaro, Così fan tutte and Don Giovanni. After losing all his money and the woman he loved he started afresh in New York, and by the end of his life he had founded its first opera house and become a university professor. Lorenzo Da Ponte is a fascinating and entertaining...


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  • Niki Segnit The Flavour Thesaurus

    Ever wondered why one flavour works with another? Or lacked inspirationfor what to do with a bundle of beetroot? The Flavour Thesaurus is thefirst book to examine what goes with what, pair by pair. The book follows the form of Roget's Thesaurus. The back section lists, alphabetically, 99 popular ingredients, and suggests classic and lesswell known flavour matches for each. The front section contains anentry for every flavour match listed in the back section and isorganised into 16 flavour themes...


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  • John Barclay Icon animorum or The mirror of minds

    Original Latin text with English translation on facing pages. In this essay from 1614 the Neo-Latin poet, translator, and commentator John Barclay describes the manners and mores of his European contemporaries. He derives the sources of an individual's peculiarities of behavior and temperament from the 'genius' - the individual character created by each person's upbringing, time of life, and profession. Barclay likewise describes each nation's genius, its national character, and provides some of...


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  • The debate about colour naming in 19th century German philology

    The Debate about Colour Naming in 19th Century German Philology is comprised of eleven essays illustrating the intensity of interest in colour naming and categorisation that arose in nineteenth century Germany. The themes of each chapter vary in their emphasis on particular theories which lie behind the 'testing' of the colour-naming capacities of 'primitive people' throughout the world, and which move towards new variants of the doctrine of 'evolution.' This selection of work directs itself towards...


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  • Turbulence

    The ever tighter coupling of our food, water and energy systems, in the context of a changing climate is leading to increasing turbulence in the world. As a consequence, it becomes ever more crucial to develop cities, regions, and economies with resilience in mind. Because of their global reach, substantial resources, and information-driven leadership structures, multinational corporations can play a major, constructive role in improving our understanding and design of resilient systems. This volume...


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  • Ed Smith Luck

    For aspiring cricketer Ed Smith, luck was for other people. Like his childhood hero, Geoff Boycott, the tough, flinty Yorkshireman, the young Ed knew that the successful cricketer made his own luck by an application of will power, elimination of error, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. But when a freak accident at the crease at Lords prematurely ended Ed Smith's international cricketing career, it changed everything - and prompted him to look anew at his own life through the prism of luck....


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  • Jimmy Burns Barca

    Founded in 1898, FC Barcelona or Barça, is the world's biggest and best-loved football club. Barça has more than 500 local fan clubs spread across the world, while its championship matches attract a global TV audience. Former players include such legendary figures as Kubala, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Lineker, and Barça has been managed by greats such as Helenio Herrera, Cesar Menotti and Bobby Robson. The club's honorary members include Pope John Paul II and opera star José Carreras....


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  • Ralph Moorman The Hormone Factor

    A Groundbreaking Method To Lose Fat According to the latest scientific research, excess weight is caused by at least nine different imbalanced hormones. Not one single diet or weight loss programme takes this vital new insight into consideration. Therefore, virtually all attempts to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight are doomed. The Hormone Factor provides you with the necessary tools to gradually rebalance your hormones in a natural way. Thus you will easily shed those excess...


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  • Tessa Gottschal, Marijke de Waal Malefijt Migraines and Headaches

    This "Migraines and Headaches" is outstanding because of its diverse therapeutical approach and its practical attitude in dealing with this common aggravating affliction. A unique questionnaire helps to trace the real nature of the problems. Each migraine or headache has its own cause. The following causes of headaches/migraines are dealt with: vascular problems, a stressed system, hormonal imbalance, spine and neck afflictions, lowered resistance, infections, metabolic and digestive problems (including...


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